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My name is Teddy and I enjoy bringing the Bore you to Sleep Podcast to listeners everywhere. 

Like a lot of people, I've also had trouble getting to sleep and have found that what works for me are boring stories that aren't exciting enough to keep me awake. 

On the podcast, I read old books from the public domain. The Sleep Stories I read are not overly interesting, and I'm careful to not put much personality in the reading. You might even call my reading style somewhat boring.

Quite often, it's those racing thoughts that keep people awake at night. The goal of the podcast is to distract you enough from any thoughts, while not being interesting enough to keep you awake. 

What are Sleep Stories and how do you use them? It's very simple. They are stories that you will read when you go to bed. They don't lull you to sleep but rather, distract you from wakefulness and allow your body to naturally do the rest for you. 

I've had a lot of international listeners tell me that it's helped them improve their English listening as well as improving their sleep. Each story is read in Slow English which is easy to comprehend and good for English Comprehension. I'm just happy that it's helping people and I hope it helps you too. 

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Perfect sleep podcast

“This is the best sleep story podcast out there. I love it - puts me right to sleep every night.”

kelmharms, (iTunes U.S)

thank you!

“this is one of the only sleepy time podcasts that actually puts me to sleep. please read more of jane eyre!! you’re the best!!”

jesslynch, (iTunes Canada)

Helps me get those zzzz!!!

“This podcast is so bloody boring (which is awesome) no matter which episode I listen to I always fall asleep really quickly. Thanks for the zzzz’s !!!!”

keyeya, (iTunes United Kingdom)

Sweet Dreams

Everybody deserves a good night's sleep and nobody wants insomnia. 

My final message for you is that when you're trying to go to sleep, the less effort you exert, the better. Bascially, don't go to bed as though you are on a mission because your body will act like it and as a result, keep you awake. . 

If you go to bed thinking "I am here to rest and whatever happens will be", you can lie back and your body will take care of the rest. Less is more and try to remember that as you listen to the peaceful sleep stories. 

Rest Easy,