Helps me get those zzzz!!!

“This podcast is so bloody boring (which is awesome) no matter which episode I listen to I always fall asleep really quickly. Thanks for the zzzz’s !!!!”

keyeya, (iTunes United Kingdom)



“You bore me to death (in the best way possible)”

BethCarmichael, (iTunes UK)



As advertised

“Thanks for putting me to sleep! No need for sleeping pills. Fabulously boring 😊”

SianWhitney, (iTunes South Africa)



Love it!

“This podcast is so good, despite the length of each episode. It’s so good (or boring I should say) that I’m always fast asleep before the end of just one episode. Keep it up!”

UncleJeff21, (iTunes Canada)


thank you!

“this is one of the only sleepy time podcasts that actually puts me to sleep. please read more of jane eyre!! you’re the best!!”

jesslynch, (iTunes Canada)




Hello and thank you for visiting, 

I really appreciate all of the positive feedback I've had so far from listeners of the podcast. 

Knowing that it's helping people get a good night's rest encourages me to continue bringing out more and more episodes. 


I've included some of those reviews here, which is my special thank you to the listeners who left them, but also to everyone who listens to and benefits from the podcast.  



Thank you!

“I so very much appreciate your readings!!!”

Rocky_Mountain_Branwyn, (iTunes, United States)


Love it!

“So helpful if you have trouble falling asleep”

Rosmry1023, (iTunes U.S)


Fit for all

“Personally I think that they need more boy podcasts (not being stereo typical) mainly because they’re all for girl Five Stars For You Ted”

jdhdybrhyxhr, (iTunes U.S)




Perfect sleep podcast

“This is the best sleep story podcast out there. I love it - puts me right to sleep every night.”

kelmharms, (iTunes U.S)



Delightfully boring

“The most boring voice I’ve ever heard, put me right to sleep!”

janemhutchins, (iTunes U.S)